Visualization in the BigData Era


Visualization is a key tool in data analysis. The BigData era poses several challenges, beyond the capacity of storing and processingmassive datasets. Besides of machine learning models, visual and graphicalmodels are essential for the human interpretation and evaluation of data,information, models and patterns. In this talk, a review of multidimensionalvisualization techniques and tools are presented, assessing their capacity tosupport the analysis of big data.

Speaker Information:

Claudio Meneses earned his MSc. and Ph.D in computerscience degrees from University of Massachusetts, USA, in 1997 and 2002respectively, and his bachelor in computer science from Universidad Catolicadel Norte, Chile, in 1990. Currently, he is an associate professor and chairmanof the Department of Computing and Systems Engineering at UCN, Antofagasta,Chile. His research is focused on machine learning applied to text mining andsentiment analysis, and data and information visualization.


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